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Stone Lake

Introduction: IntroductionStone lake lying 7 km to the southwest of the Suzhou city, the Stone Lake Scenic ..

Tickets:Stone lake fee and opening hoursAdmission: no informationOpening hours 8:00-20:00

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please comply with the local rule of law.2. Please keep the environment and do not leav..

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Stone Lake Introduction

Stone lake lying 7 km to the southwest of the Suzhou city, the Stone Lake Scenic Area is the place where the great Song poet Fan Chengda o­nce lived in seclusion. By the side of the lake is the Shangfang Hill. At the top of the hill is the Lengjia Pagoda dating from the Song Dynasty. To the east of the lake is farmland crisscrossed by canals. To the west of the lake are rolling hills. The Xingchun Bridge with nine arches by the northern shore of the lake looks like a long rainbow above the water.
Suzhou falls within north subtropical monsoonal climate zone with abundant rainfall, clear seasons and temperate and humid climate. The four seasons are suitable for travel, especially from April to October.

Stone Lake Features

There are the remains of the Celestial Mirror Pavilion in Stone lake, the Putuo Crag, the Shrine of Fan Chengda, the Yuecheng Bridge, and other sights around. O­n the 18th of the 8th lunar month every year, it is the custom for many local people to travel here to enjoy the bright moon reflected in the lake through the arches of the Xingchun Bridge, forming a wonderful necklace of moons.

Stone Lake Tickets

Stone lake fee and opening hours
Admission: no information
Opening hours 8:00-20:00

Stone Lake Transporation

Bus 425 to Xingchun bridge, bus33 to Stone lake

The Best Hotels in Stone Lake

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  • DongTing Xilin Sanatorium

    DongTing Xilin Sanatorium

    Two-star or Less SuzhouWuzhong Price:-

        We will provide your business and tourism to provide all the services guests each needs to be the most convenient.

  • Jinjiang Inn (Suzhou Liuyuan)

    Jinjiang Inn (Suzhou Liuyuan)

    Two-star or Less SuzhouJinlv Price:-

    The Jinjiang Inn (Suzhou Liuyuan)(Jinjiang Zhixing Suzhouliuyuandian) is convenient to the classic Suzhou gardens. Business guests will find dial-up internet access at their disposal and pr..

  • Jinqiao Hotel

    Jinqiao Hotel

    Four-star SuzhouJinlv Price:-

    Jinqiao Hotel (Jinqiao Jiari Dajiudian) is located in the bustling commercial area of Jinmen in ancient city district, adjacent to Guanqian Jie. Suzhou Railway Station, Suzhou New Distr..

  • Meile City Hotel

    Meile City Hotel

    Two-star or Less SuzhouJinlv Price:-

    The Meile City Hotel (Meilecheng binguan) is a two star hotel, conveniently located in the city center, close to the prosperity Guanqian Street. The hotel is 10 minutes drive to the rail..

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