Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake)

Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake)

Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake) Pictures Gallery

Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake)

Introduction: Yuanyang Lake is located in the western town of Wuyuan County, 43 kilometers away from the to..

Tickets:This natural landscape not o­nly attracts some research institutions and experts from the n..

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Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake) Introduction

Yuanyang Lake is located in the western town of Wuyuan County, 43 kilometers away from the town, 201 kilometers far from the Sanqingshan scenic spot in the south, 179 kilometers north from the resort of Huangshan Mountain. Yuanyang Lake, originally called "Datang Dock Reservoir" that was first built in 1958 and completed in 1960, became a medium-sized water storage reservoir. In the early 80s, due to a good ecological environment around the reservoir, it has attracted a large number of mandarin ducks to inhabit to escape the winter. So after 1986, the reservoir is known as the "Yuanyang Lake" and in 1997 it had been listed as "Provincial Nature Reserve".

Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake) Features

Covering a total area of 917 hectares, the core area of it is 715 hectares which the mountainous region covers an area of 3380 mu and the water storage capacity is 13.48 million cubic meters. Along the Lake is the region of natural vegetation full of evergreen broad-leaved forest, mainly pine. There are 24 families and 185 kinds of woody plants whose coverage is up to above 95%.

Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake) Tickets

This natural landscape not o­nly attracts some research institutions and experts from the national Ministry of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Zoology and the Jiangxi Provincial Nature Reserve to come to this inspection, but even other overseas tourists from the United States, Japan, Brazil also come here.

Yuanyang Lake(Mandarin Ducks Lake) Transporation

Because of a naturally healthy environment, the Yuanyang Lake attracts a large number of animals to choose for its habitat of reproduction. According to preliminary statistics, the Lake District has a total of 89 kinds of animals, including 17 species of mammals, 22 species of amphibians and 50 species of birds. Birds are divided into 14 species of water birds, 36 species of forest birds, especially ducks mostly reaches up to more than 2000 pairs, representing the 2 /3 number of wildlife mandarin ducks in the world. So it represents the largest winter habitat of wild mandarin ducks in the Asia and even the world.

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